Amsonic CleanLine

The Amsonic CleanLine is an industrial ultrasonicprecision cleaning system developed for high volumes ,cleaning with aqueous cleaning media.

By selecting from a number of individual tank processes, the CleanLine cleaning system may be purpose built to achieve the cleanliness standard required. The automatic robot system and the cleaning system are control-led by the same PC.


Standard Features

- Standard bath sizes range 130 and 300L
- Ultrasonic: transducers 25/40 kHz
- Buffer tanks with treatment of media
- Robot capacity up to 100kg
- Drying by recirculation hot air and under vacuum
- PC control with visualization
- Machine total enclosured

Special Options

- Automatic Input and Output conveyors
- Automatic cleaning process selection
- Filtration to cleaning and rinsing tanks
- Ultra filtration
- Basket rotation
- Specialized jets and baskets
- Filter systems pre-stage of clean rooms

Operating Systems

- User friendly system control via PC and OPTIMA 2000
- Cleaning recipes storage
- Direct adjustment of the cleaning parameters
- Support available through modem link


- Machine can be delivered with Qualification support documentation to facilitate the validation of the system ( IQ/PQ/OQ)

Technical Details

- Constructed of high quality stainless steel
- Polished process tanks
- Standard configuration :
Cleaning I , Cleaning II, Rinsing I , Rinsing II, Final Rinsing, Hot-air-drying, Vacuum-drying


- Typical sequence time 6-12 min, throughput 5-10 baskets per hour


Amsonic CleanLine Amsonic CleanLine Amsonic CleanLine