Amsonic TTC with robot

The Amsonic TTC is a automates small size  cleaning, rinsing and
drying system for processing stages as follows: Ultrasonic Cleaning,
rinsing in cascade (two stages) and hot air drying.




- Unique compact construction (table top)
- Microprocessor type system control for various functions
- Variable temperature control/indication for ultrasonic and drying stages
- Timed ultrasonics
- Overtemperature protection
- All wetted surfaces in stainless steel


- Ultrasonics in the first rinse tank, selector switch to connect the ultrasonic generator either with the cleaning tank or with the first rinse tank
- Pump filter unit
- Separate process unit for water demineralisation

Practical Concept

The TTCwith robot  is a small surface cleaning, rinsing and drying system for processing stages as follows:

Stage 1 - Ultrasonic Clean
Heated ultrasonic tank fitted with transducers and integral generator, operating at 40 kHz

Stage 2 - Rinse
Rinsing tank in cascade with tank 3. Cascade (counter flow) means significantly lower rinse water consumption for the same rinse quality. When rinsing with deionised water is required, stage 2 can be used for pre-rinse with town water

Stage 3 - Rinse
Second rinsing stage with overflow type wire which can be used in conjunction with the first rinse to provide two stage cascade rinse or used separately with deionised water for stain free drying

Stage 4 - Hot Air Drying
Recirculating hot air drying stage with thermostatically controlled heaters with variable heat settings to a maximum of approx.
100 ºC.



Amsonic TTC with robot Amsonic TTC with robot