Amsonic HandyClean

Small industrial ultrasonic cleaning System
The Amsonic HandyClean is a small industrial ultrasonic cleaning
system developed for aqueous cleaning media.

By selecting from a number of individual tank processes, the HandyClean cleaning system may be purpose built to achieve the cleanliness standard required. Operated by a walking beam, controlled via the system controller.


Standard Features

- Standard bath size of approximately 8 litres
- Ultrasonics: PZT transducers
- Operating frequencies 27 kHz
- Robot capacity up to 2kg
- Drying by re-circulating hot air
- PC Control

Special Options

- Automatic basket sensing
- Filtration to cleaning and rinsing tanks
- Specialized jets and baskets
- Integrated DI or RO water supplies
- Automatic loading conveyor
- Automatic unloading conveyor

Operating Systems

- User friendly system control vi

- Direct adjustment of the cleaning parameters


- All systems full documentation/Validation records available

Technical Details

- Baths constructed of high quality stainless steel
- Bath size 350 x 200 x 176 mm (13.77/7.88/6.92 inches)
- Rounded corners
- Standard configuration - Cleaning, Rinsing, Cleaning, Rinsing, Fine rinsing, Slow pull rinsing, Hot air drying


- Typical cycle time 5-8 minutes
- Maximum capacity 12 baskets per hour


Amsonic HandyClean Amsonic HandyClean Amsonic HandyClean


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