Ultrasonic Generators and Transducers

A range ofgenerators and ultrasonic transducer units which can be used
to provide ultrasonic activity to existing cleaning tanks or large special cleaning systems


Immersible transducers or flanches  allow ultrasonics to be focused to particular areas of the tank.
Transducers can be fitted to the tank by either bolting with bulkhead mounting bolts or dropped over the top of the tank, with electrical leads providing the electrical connection. The latter method does not require the tank to be drilled. A range of sizes are available to provide the relevant power and area of intensity required. The immersible transducers are driven from our standard range of generators, which are designed with the state of the art components for high efficiency ultrasonic action.


- Made from high grade stainless steel
- Choice of operating frequency 25 kHz or 40 kHz
- Choice of three mounting methods
- Easily fitted to existing tanks
- High efficiency PZT transducer element
- Special sizes can be manufactured for specific applications
- Comprehensive range of standard sizes
- Low service costs through high reliability
- All transducer immersibles are pressure tested during manufacturing


Ultrasonic Generators and Transducers